ADV EARTUNE FIDELITY U are hypoallergenic silicone IEM tips that promises ultimate sound isolation, comfort and no changes to sound whatsoever. Pack of 3 can be picked for $25.

ADV. EARTUNE FIDELITY U are hypoallergenic silicone IEM tips that promises ultimate sound isolation, comfort and no changes to sound whatsoever. Pack of 3 can be picked for $25.


Tips comes in for different sizes..

There’s not a lot in terms of packaging. It’s very informative so you can learn about tips only by reading their description and seeing them through window, minor issue though, once you open it you can’t really use it as some kind of a case for transport. You have to find something else for that kind of application.

Build Quality & Comfort & Isolation

They have an unusual shape, I give them that.

So here I’d like to tell you why I’m doing a review of tips in the first place. Well, just like you don’t want to drive your precious sports car on cheapest set of tires, you also don’t want to stick cheapest, lowest quality tips into your ears, because it can be both annoying and unhealthy.

Through my whole adventure with IEMs in general I finally made it to point where I found one of the greatest pair for myself. Bang for the buck, cheap fun IEM that I can throw at the wall, use while working out or even listen to while there’s rain outside and I won’t have any issues with them dying suddenly on me whatsoever. That pair is called Blon BL-03.

There’s a major issue with that pair. Although BL-03 is known thanks to its superior tuning for $30 price tag, from ergonomic standpoint it’s just horrible. To keep it short when you buy Blon BL-03 for $30, you already have to spend about same money for cable and tips, not because they are bad but because they are simply unusable.

It’s nice that you can clearly see shape and size of a tip without even opening the box.

It doesn’t stop there. Blons are so small that the only point that will hold them in your ear is only your ear canal. To sum this up, if you don’t have proper tips, you won’t have proper seal under any circumstances.

I’ve tried plenty of models already for them. Final Audio E-Type, EPro, Comply, pretty much none of them were perfectly good for me. They were sealing my ear for very short amount of time or didn’t fit at all. So I was stuck with those stock, hideous tips for some time which then I replaced for foam tips but since they converted them into muddy bassy monsters and also you have to replace them every 2-3 weeks, basically I had to look for another solution.

That solution turned out to be Azla Xelastec which is my favorite pair of tips right now but unfortunately despite them cost almost $30, you also have to import them from either Asia or US, so that’s gonna be one pricey pair of tips for you.

That’s how M size looks on Blon BL-03.

So what about ADV. EARTUNE FIDELITY U? When I got them I didn’t even bothered to check other IEMs. Very first thought I had in my mind: Let’s see if they can tame that beast.
I took M size, inserted them in my ear canal, gave them a proper snug, plugged IEMs into my DAP and started to listen.

I was genuinely shocked. For the first time I didn’t have to adjust them, put again, twist or rotate to get proper seal. It was simply put them in ear and listen. Couldn’t really believe that so I started to shake my head a little, walk few rounds back and forth through my flat, trying to simulate my daily routine. They haven’t moved an inch. Also in terms of sound quality I think they made the bass much more powerful, but I don’t think it’s because of their build design but more of getting even better seal with Blons. It wasn’t muddy, just stronger, much stronger.

I tried to understand how is this even possible and looking at my Azla Xelastec tips again I understood where that difference comes from. So Xelastec after few uses changed its shape from circle to oval, and what shape are Fidelity U tips? You’re right, oval. That rather small change literally did everything for me, and made Fidelity U the best silicone tips I’ve ever used in my life. Of course since every person has different ears their shape and also rather shallow design they probably won’t fit for every IEM and everyone so as with every single pair, try them before you buy them.


As you can see difference between sizes is literally difference of how big they are. Who would have knew?

ADV. EARTUNE FIDELITY U tips really surprised me. Because of their unique design, stellar build quality and great price, you’re getting what I think is one of the greatest silicone tips you can buy right now. One pack costs $25 which can be pricey for some, however you’re getting not one but 3 pairs of tips which you can put on your other pairs of IEMs or just have a spare in case of losing it. They’re getting my highest recommendation, well done ADV!