My name is Robert and I’m 25. The passion that I had from my very early years was always experiencing music. With my reviews, I’m trying to help people decide what will be the best specifically for them. That’s why I’m being very honest with my opinions, not being manipulated by a crowd and most important I won’t hesitate to speak bluntly if I have to.

Etymotic Etymotion BT

Etymotion BT is a Bluetooth Module with AKM Velvet Sound DAC and an Amplifier made specifically for Etymotic IEMs delivering wireless experience to your favorite pair. It costs $180..

Anthem Five E2

Anthem Five E2 is one of the most affordable Custom In-Ear Monitors on the market. It is a hybrid design that includes a low-frequency Dynamic Driver and a high-frequency Balanced Armature Driver. It will cost you $199.

Hidizs MS2

Hidizs MS2 is a hybrid IEM using a single BA Driver as well as a newly developed 10.2mm Dynamic Driver. It’ll cost you $79.Recommended. Highly.

Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk

Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk is a result of a cooperation with Crinnacle. It includes a single dynamic driver as well as 4 balanced armature drivers all of that tuned to give you the closest response to IEF Neutral Target. It costs $329.99

Tripowin TC-01

Tripowin TC-01 is a single 10mm dynamic driver IEM silicon coated with PU. One of the more budget options since it'll cost you only $49.


SMSL M100 MK II is a tiny desktop DAC based on SABRE9018Q2C and it has plenty of I/O for its size. It costs just $93.99

KBear Lark

KBear Lark is one of the greatest options in its price range. You're getting very nice packaging, plenty of tips in different sizes, very useful roomy case as well as cable that does not bother you and all of that for just $30! You just have to sacrifice your single dinner at restaurant and many of casual listeners will find their endgame in those. Highly recommended!

Topping A50S

Topping A50S is a small, full metal, stylish balanced amp that can output a whopping 3500 mW of power. It is priced at $220.


ADV EARTUNE FIDELITY U are hypoallergenic silicone IEM tips that promises ultimate sound isolation, comfort and no changes to sound whatsoever. Pack of 3 can be picked for $25.


Beyerdynamic headphones are known for being heavily used in studio production. This time we're presenting to you their newest iteration of an audio workhorse - DT 1990 Pro priced at $599!