Kamil Owczarz

Kamil Owczarz

I’m a 24 years old software engineer, but also coffee, wine, and audio gear freak based in Cracow, Poland. I like to get lost in the city, but I hate getting lost while reading pompous audio reviews. My goal is to provide simple and informative reviews that I hope will help you to find your way around the rabbit hole.

Oriveti OH700VB

Oriveti OH700VB is a hybrid IEM with 6 balanced armatures and a single dynamic driver. It’s a high end of the producer's range and its price is $699.

Campfire Audio Bonneville

Bonneville is at the top of the Chromatic line of Campfire Audio. It’s a hybrid IEM featuring a single dynamic driver and three balanced armatures. It’s priced at $1399 for universal fit and $1799 for the custom fit.

Craft Ears The One

Craft Ears The One is the latest co-flagship model from the Polish manufacturer. It features a single planar magnetic driver and it’s priced at €999, but in preorder, it’s available at €799.

JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

The JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi is a cool entry-level headphone amp, proudly made in the USA. It's got a bit more weight than its predecessor. You can snag it for just $114.

Craft Ears Aurum

Craft Ears Aurum is the flagship model in the lineup of the Polish company. It’s a tribrid with DD, BA, and EST. The price starts from €1299 and now the IEM is available in a bundle with iFi GO Pod for free.