Kamil Owczarz

Kamil Owczarz

I’m a 24 years old software engineer, but also coffee, wine, and audio gear freak based in Cracow, Poland. I like to get lost in the city, but I hate getting lost while reading pompous audio reviews. My goal is to provide simple and informative reviews that I hope will help you to find your way around the rabbit hole.

Bqeyz Autumn

Bqeyz Autumn is the company’s flagship IEM with a 13mm single dynamic driver and cool magnetic tuning filters. All that stuff costs $199.

Final ZE3000

Final ZE3000 is the newest true wireless earphones from the Japanese company. It’s equipped with a single dynamic driver and it’s priced at $149.

BQEYZ Summer

BQEYZ Summer is a tribrid IEM equipped with a 13mm dynamic driver, a balanced armature, and a 5-layers piezoelectric unit. All that stuff will cost you $129.

Fiio FD3

Fiio FD3 is a new semi-open, single 12mm dynamic driver IEM with a recommended price of $99.