Mateusz Chmura

Mateusz Chmura

I'm a 22 year old finance and accounting student from Rzeszow, Poland. Becoming an audio gear reviewer gave a whole new meaning to one of my favorite hobbies - listening to music. My reviews are meant to keep it real and simple in this confusing world of high-end audio. By the way, I also love cats, martial arts, computers and cooking, so there's that.

HiFiMAN Prelude

Hifiman Prelude is one of Hifiman’s latest ventures into high-power headphone amplification. This class A beast clocks in at 2499 USD, and as of today, is the only non-electrostatic standalone amplifier in Hifiman’s lineup.

Meze Empyrean II

Meze Audio's all-new Empyrean II is the company's latest planar magnetic offering from the Empyrean/Elite series of headphones. It's a refined and elegant product, with its MSRP clocking in at 2999 USD.

Fir Audio E12

The e12 is one of the latest additions to Fir Audio’s catalog, representing a new line of IEMs - the Electron Series. It’s a single 12mm electro-dynamic driver construction with a few cool tricks up its sleeves, all at a price tag of 1799 USD.

Sineaptic SE-1

Sineaptic SE-1 is a dual ribbon array driver wireless open-back Bluetooth headphone. What a mouthful. It’s the first wireless ribbon array headphone in the world, so it surely is an interesting piece. This one will set you back 199 USD.

Craft Ears Omnium

The Omnium is Craft Ears’ freshest release, treading new paths for the brand both performance-wise and price-wise, sporting a planar and a dynamic driver, as well as 5 balanced armatures. Craft Ears Omnium retails at 2499 EUR.

Gladiator Cables Grafene

One of the latest additions to Gladiator Cables’ lineup, the Grafene, has recently been the backbone of my headphone setup, which had been in dire need of a cable replacement. It packs some new tech with a unique presentation, so let’s see what this 850 EUR beast offers.