Matz Rios

Matz Rios

I’m a portrait photographer that now dabbles in audio related product photography and reviews. I’ve been into audio for as long as I could remember. Starting out from Speakers, to Headphones, and now IEMs. I’m still fairly new to the review game, but I hope you find my reviews helpful.

Etymotic EVO

Etymotic Evo is the first even multi-driver IEM by this well-known brand. It uses 3 BA drivers and it's priced at $399.

Final A3000

The A3000 is a budget offering from the well-known and respected Final Audio. It uses a single dynamic driver, and its price is set at $129.

Empire Ears ESR MKII

Empire Ears ESR MKII is a hybrid IEM, consisting of triple balanced armatures and dual electrostatics, alongside a completely reengineered 4-way synX crossover. It is priced at $1099.