Michał Sommerfeld

Michał Sommerfeld

I can really say "been there, done that" in regard to audio. Designing, building, fixing, reviewing, selling. All of that for big boy stereo. Headphones are something new and fresh for me. We all need something exciting now and then, so join me in my quest of discovering this cool world. We will listen to, drink and WE WILL bring the balance to the force. Oh, I like beer.


When it comes to portable audio, we can say FiiO is playing on it their home field. They are one of the companies that started affordable, high quality audio for IEMs and headphones. Is BTR7 a worthy choice at $199, or did FiiO became complacent?

Oriveti OD100

Oriveti presents the OD100, a $69 single DD IEM. It’s placed in one of the most competitive markets in audio. How does it hold against its direct competition? Is it worth your time?

FiiO FF1

FiiO is one of the few manufacturers, who still care about wired earbuds. But how do their most affordable model stacks against in-ear competition? Is $20 FF1 worth your time?

Schiit Audio Midgard

Not only one of the cheapest discrete amps on the market but also the first one to utilise the Halo topology. The newest Schiit Midgard packs a punch and throws a jab at the competition at an astonishing $219. Too good to be true? Let’s see!

Fiio M15S

The M15S by FiiO promises to be the middle-ground DAP for portable and stationary use. Is extra power and some cool features enough to secure it a place on the market? Let’s see how much we can extract from the newest DAP in FiiO's portfolio coming at $999.


Join us in this historic yet humble moment. Our first stereo review is here. We are testing the newest release from SMSL, the $250 AO200 MKII. Let’s see what features it holds and if it is worth the title of your new desktop amplifier.

Letshuoer DZ4

Three dynamic drivers, a passive radiator, and a few clever solutions. DZ4 is the newest release from Letshuoer that is aimed at the entry-level market. Let us see what they can pull off with a budget of $89 and the years of experience they have accumulated.

HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless

TWS is a hot topic, every manufacturer wants to get on the hype train. HiFiMan decided they want it too. So they made an R2R, balanced TWS system called Svanar Wireless and put a $499 price tag on them. Curious about the first TWS with an R2R DAC? Me too. Let’s see what’s up.