Paweł Szachno

Paweł Szachno

Founder of Ear Fidelity. I've been into audio for many years, working in production, distribution, retail, and marketing throughout my career. Now trying to revolutionize the art of reviewing audio gear, but one thing will never change: Music is the most important.

Campfire Audio Fathom

The Campfire Audio Fathom is the newest release from the American IEM legend. It uses 6 balanced-armature drivers and it's priced at $1049.

HiBy M300

The HiBy M300 marks a comeback of budget DAPs to the market. It is Android-based, offers an extended functionality, great build quality and a good sound. All this comes at $199.

Ear Fidelity 2023 Awards

What a year it has been – from our time in Munich to AVS Warsaw, with every great review in between. Each year is more exciting and full of work than the last, and 2023 has been no exception. Let’s…

Effect Audio Fusion 1

Effect Audio Fusion 1 is the new release from the most popular aftermarket cables manufacturer. It is a blend of Gold Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid. The price is set at $999.

Final Audio ZE8000

The Final Audio ZE8000 is a flagship TWS IEM by the Japanese manufacturer. It uses a single dynamic driver and it's priced at $349.