Bqeyz Spring 2

Spring 2 is a new flagship of the Chinese company Bqeyz. It is a tri-brid earphone with 1DD, 1BA, and one piezo driver. It is priced at 169$.

Spring 2 is a new flagship of the Chinese company Bqeyz. It is a tri-brid earphone with 1DD, 1BA, and one piezo driver. It is priced at 169$.

Sound quality for the price

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

Build quality

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


Rating: 10 out of 10.


Great improvement in comparison to Spring 1.

Bqeyz Spring 2 is a successor of Spring 1, which made some noise in the audiophile world.

Spring 2 comes in a medium-sized box with a simple graphic on the front. On the backside, you can find all the tech specifications. Inside the box, is the same set of accessories that were attached to Spring 1. A medium-sized case, which is made of the eco-leather, 7 pairs of eartips (3x reference, 3x atmosphere, 1x foam), Velcro strap, and a cleaning brush.

The new cable definitely provides the better user satisfaction.

Build quality

3D CNC shells with metal nozzles are really great.

Spring 2 matches the shells with the Spring 1, so it is a three-part, metal shell painted green, with polished edges at the faceplate. On the top, you can find a 2pin 0.78mm connector, which is placed a little deep inside. Tips are well-made, especially foam type. For me, silicone tips are a bit too thin.

The best thing that Bqeyz could change is the cable. It is way better, with a greater quality of sound and handcrafting. It doesn’t tangle that easily and is softer. You can also choose between 2,5mm, 3,5mm, and 4,4mm plug, which is really nice in this price range.

This green color is just beautiful.


The shells were delicately improved so they doesn’t stick out as Spring 1.

Comfort is almost the same as Spring 1. It means they’re comfortable, but the isolation is on a low level.
Shells are relatively small, without any specific, ergonomic shape.
The cable is really soft, I don’t really feel it on my ears and neck, but it feels excellent. The nice thing is that all connectors have a special shape so they’re easier to pull out of the source. Some people have problems using earphones with small connectors. When the headphone output is too tight, it won’t come out that easily. With this cable, that problem doesn’t occur.
The attached tips aren’t for everyone. None of them really fit my ears, even foam tips, which are too small for me. Silicone tips are too short, so I had the same problem as using Symbio W.


One of the kings of price/quality ratio.

Is it a new chi-fi king? Maybe for some, but it has a sound signature that isn’t for everyone. Overall it is pretty bright with fantastic dynamic, details, and timbre, but with a really narrow soundstage and decent holography.

Spring 2 doesn’t need much power to show their best. They’re great, even directly from the phone, but in my case, using Xiaomi Mi9, the midrange was highly recessed. Going back to the cable, the Spring 1 could turn into another earphone with the aftermarket one. From very bassy to very bright sound. The Spring 2 isn’t such cable sensitive, the difference is easy to hear, but it is not as could be with the predecessor.

A little disclaimer: I couldn’t fit any of the eartips attached to the Spring 2, so the whole test is made using Final E Tips. The cable used is terminated with a 3,5mm plug.

The bass isn’t the most significant frequency here, but it is speedy, precise, and clear. Speed is comparable to FH7. It is way more precise than FiiO FH3 in low frequencies. Bqeyz Spring 2 bass has a full body, is medium-textured, and pretty saturated. The highest bass has a wonderful, pleasant timbre. It is worth being mentioned that it is very accurate, without swinging around. It strikes straight to the point.
I definitely can’t call that bass flat, but it doesn’t beat a beat at all. This is a job for a higher midrange this time. 

Quantity isn’t much dependent on the source. Switching between warm DX160 and technical Earmen Eagle provided only visible tonality changes and more delicate speed changes. 

The midrange is definitely the best part of the Spring 2. It’s just incredible. It has a very natural timbre, with a pinpoint in its higher part. It’s vivid, with excellent details reproduction. Male vocals are only delicately smoothed, without any details degradation. Female voices are quite smoother, but again, nothing is lost. All instruments are perfectly separated. Nothing gets fuzzy. I’ve never heard that accurate midrange in earphones below 300$.

Using Spring 2 I prefere lower female voices or the higher male. For example, Tame Impala, Adele, or Amy Winehouse are my favorite choices using the Spring 2.

It’s really easy to enjoy that sound signature, though it’s not perfect for everybody.

The treble is the most technical part but doesn’t have inclinations to sibilance. It is definitely the most important part of the sound, together with the higher midrange. It isn’t brightened, but it is pushed to the front. That’s the next part that can easily fight with FH7 in terms of quality. Details are fantastic, but with a specific manner – because of the piezo driver.
The treble, unlike the bass, is source dependent, in the details, and the timbre. It is quite smooth and musical with DX160 and iDSD Neo, but it gets really technical with the EarMen Eagle.

The soundstage is, well, not the best. It is narrower than FiiO FH3, plays right to left with a really delicate tilt to the front. However, it is very profound, and the height is also not the best. It delicately goes up and down.
As I mentioned before, holography is really good, even if the soundstage isn’t impressive. It isn’t swimming around, but it is just spot-on, very accurate, with impressive distance recognition. 

For gaming, it wasn’t the best. I would choose FH3 instead because the width isn’t enough for competitive gaming.


Great SQ, bright sound signature and narrow soundstage – Spring 2 in a few words.

Bqeyz Spring 2 is an exciting earphone that beats most competitors in this price range in most aspects. I think no one would be surprised if they cost two and a half times more with the same sound quality but a more premium design. Anyway, that earphone isn’t for everyone. If you’re a fan of the huge soundstage and warm playstyle, they might not be the right choice for you. But I’m sure of one thing – everyone should check what they are capable of, because they’re imposing overall.

Highly recommended.

Gear used during this review for the sake of comparison and as an accompanying equipment:

  • Headphones – Bqeyz Spring 1, FiiO FH3, FiiO FH7, Craft Ears Four, Meze Rai Solo, Shozy Form 1.1.
  • Sources– iBasso DX160, iFi iDSD Neo, iFi iDSD Signature, EarMen TR-AMP, EarMen Eagle,