EarMen Staccato

EarMen Staccato is the third and final part of the EISA award-winning EarMen stack. It is a streamer and it comes at $999.

Burson V6 Vivid Opamps

Burson audio is known for its DACs, Amps, and AIO's, but it's Opamps that they truly have been known for throughout the years. Today we're going to review their V6 Vivid Opamps, priced at $85-$145.

Etymotic Etymotion BT

Etymotion BT is a Bluetooth Module with AKM Velvet Sound DAC and an Amplifier made specifically for Etymotic IEMs delivering wireless experience to your favorite pair. It costs $180..

DROP ALT Keyboard

Drop ALT is a mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable sockets. It's made of aluminum and it's priced at $180 (now dropped to $145).

FiiO BTA30

FiiO BTA30 is a DAC with a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, based on an AK4490 chip. It is priced at 89,99USD.


ADV EARTUNE FIDELITY U are hypoallergenic silicone IEM tips that promises ultimate sound isolation, comfort and no changes to sound whatsoever. Pack of 3 can be picked for $25.