HiFiMAN Serenade

HiFiMAN Serenade is a new DAC/AMP in HiFiMAN's portfolio. It uses an R2R DAC and a class-A amplifier, and it's priced at $999.

Schiit Audio Midgard

Not only one of the cheapest discrete amps on the market but also the first one to utilise the Halo topology. The newest Schiit Midgard packs a punch and throws a jab at the competition at an astonishing $219. Too good to be true? Let’s see!


The SMSL DO300EX is the newest DAC/Amp by this manufacturer. It uses a AK4191+AK4499EX DAC chip and it's priced at $469.

Questyle M15

Our first meet with Questyle and the stakes are high already! Can the M15 prove its capability as a top dongle at $250? Or, it’s just a fancy chassis? .

iFi Audio Go Pod

Reviewed iFi Audio Go Pod is a Bluetooth DAC/Amp, which can transform any IEM with replaceable cable into TWS and it’s priced at €399.


Join us in this historic yet humble moment. Our first stereo review is here. We are testing the newest release from SMSL, the $250 AO200 MKII. Let’s see what features it holds and if it is worth the title of your new desktop amplifier.

JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

The JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi is a cool entry-level headphone amp, proudly made in the USA. It's got a bit more weight than its predecessor. You can snag it for just $114.

Feliks Audio Euforia EVO

Feliks Audio Euforia Evo is a High-End OTL Tube Amplifier. Its price starts from €2699 and in this review we will check if it’s worth it.

EarMen CH-Amp

EarMen CH-Amp is a flagship desktop amplifier manufactured by EarMen. It is a fully balanced device, with a power output of up to 3.8W. It's priced at $1480.

EarMen ST-Amp

EarMen ST-Amp is a DAC/Amp made by an American Company in Serbia. It costs $599 and provides a lot of power through its balanced output. It is mainly an amplifier, yet don't forger about the built-in DAC