Questyle M15

Our first meet with Questyle and the stakes are high already! Can the M15 prove its capability as a top dongle at $250? Or, it’s just a fancy chassis? .

iFi Audio Go Pod

Reviewed iFi Audio Go Pod is a Bluetooth DAC/Amp, which can transform any IEM with replaceable cable into TWS and it’s priced at €399.


Join us in this historic yet humble moment. Our first stereo review is here. We are testing the newest release from SMSL, the $250 AO200 MKII. Let’s see what features it holds and if it is worth the title of your new desktop amplifier.

JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi

The JDS Labs Atom Amp+ Hevi is a cool entry-level headphone amp, proudly made in the USA. It's got a bit more weight than its predecessor. You can snag it for just $114.

EarMen CH-Amp

EarMen CH-Amp is a flagship desktop amplifier manufactured by EarMen. It is a fully balanced device, with a power output of up to 3.8W. It's priced at $1480.

EarMen ST-Amp

EarMen ST-Amp is a DAC/Amp made by an American Company in Serbia. It costs $599 and provides a lot of power through its balanced output. It is mainly an amplifier, yet don't forger about the built-in DAC

Schiit Audio Coaster

The whole audio industry hates them because of this amplifier. The Schiit Coaster is the TOTL headamp for years to come. I'm risking my life telling you about this, but the current audio dominion must be destroyed. At around $100 it is the endest of games, the highest of ends and a slayer of all. . WHAMMY

WHAMMY is a DIY headphone amplifier/preamp with a notorious reputation for being one of the best projects. With Hi-End heritage, this kit promises everything you need at $299. Gather your tools and let's dive headfirst into the world of DIY.

Feliks Audio Envy

The Feliks Audio Envy is a flagship, Summit-Fi 300B Tube Amplifier. It starts at 6999 Euro, and we'll find if it's worth it in this review.