Gladiator Cables Grafene

One of the latest additions to Gladiator Cables’ lineup, the Grafene, has recently been the backbone of my headphone setup, which had been in dire need of a cable replacement. It packs some new tech with a unique presentation, so let’s see what this 850 EUR beast offers.

Effect Audio Fusion 1

Effect Audio Fusion 1 is the new release from the most popular aftermarket cables manufacturer. It is a blend of Gold Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid. The price is set at $999.

Effect Audio Code 23

A flagship copper cable and a second entry in the CODE series, CODE 23 aims to change the cable game forever. Effect Audio, known for excellent cables fights for the spot of THE manufacturer to go. See how their newest model does at $799.

Lavricables Grand

Lavricables Grand is a pure silver cable meant to be used with over-ear headphones. It starts at €409 and it promises great sound at a fair price.

Lavricables Master

Lavricables – their Master line offers great materials, lots of customization, and promises superb performance. How do they stack to other cables on the market at $279?

Eletech Prudence

Eletech Prudence looks like a solid mid-tier silver-plated copper wire from a reputable manufacturer. But is it really worth its $249 asking price? I'm intent on finding it out, so strap in and lets get my first cable review started.

Cross Lambda Apollo GB

The Apollo GB is the new flagship by the aftermarket cable wizards, Cross Lambda. It uses three different types of conductors and the Quadruple Shielding technology. The price is set at an astonishing $6000.

Eletech Inferno

The Inferno is the first cable meant for full-size headphones by Eletech. It's an OCC copper cable, and it starts at $749.

Erua Audio Vidar Alter

The Vidar Alter is an aftermarket IEM cable by Erua Audio. Their flagship model, Tawa has won our "Best Cable Of The Year 2021", so they definitely know how to craft great cables. The Vidar Alter is made of OFC Copper, and it's priced at around $280.