Cross Lambda Stardust 5

Cross Lambda Stardust 5 is an upgrade IEM cable made from silver-plated and gold-plated copper. It costs ~600USD.

Cross Lambda Ignite Pro

Cross Lambda Ignite Pro is a new budget offering from this well-known cable manufacturer. It is an IEM cable made of copper that costs $120.

Erua Audio Miro

Erua Audio Miro is a serious upgrade cable made of silver-plated copper. It's priced at 4888 Hongkong dollars, which is about 630USD.

Kotori Audio Tungsten

Kotori Audio Tungsten is an upgrade cable for IEMs with a very thin design, using an unknown conductor. It's priced at $89,90.

ddHiFi BC120B Sky

ddHiFi BC120B Sky is an IEM cable that's made of silver-plated monocrystalline copper. It's priced at 116,99 USD.

Erua Audio Tawa

Erua Audio Tawa is a high-end upgrade cable made of gold plated silver & palladium plated silver. It's priced at around $1299.

Cross Lambda Direction Neo

Cross Lambda Direction Neo is an IEM cable made of pure copper. Its price starts at 4590THB, which is about $145.