HiFiMAN Serenade

HiFiMAN Serenade is a new DAC/AMP in HiFiMAN's portfolio. It uses an R2R DAC and a class-A amplifier, and it's priced at $999.


The SMSL DO300EX is the newest DAC/Amp by this manufacturer. It uses a AK4191+AK4499EX DAC chip and it's priced at $469.

Questyle M15

Our first meet with Questyle and the stakes are high already! Can the M15 prove its capability as a top dongle at $250? Or, it’s just a fancy chassis? .

iFi Audio Go Pod

Reviewed iFi Audio Go Pod is a Bluetooth DAC/Amp, which can transform any IEM with replaceable cable into TWS and it’s priced at €399.


Join us in this historic yet humble moment. Our first stereo review is here. We are testing the newest release from SMSL, the $250 AO200 MKII. Let’s see what features it holds and if it is worth the title of your new desktop amplifier.


SMSL DO300 is a high-performance DAC built around the new flagship ES9039MSPRO chip. It offers a great functionality, and it's priced at $549.

XI Audio K-DAC

XI Audio K-DAC is an R2R DAC that is their second attempt into the DAC market, after their flagship Sagra DAC. It's priced at $2584.

JDS Labs Element III

The Element III from JDS Labs offers to be the ultimate wire with gain. Are pure engineering and curious features enough to make some noise in the hyper-competitive DAC/AMP world? We will see if the $449 Element III has its own spot in the market.


SMSL DO200 mk2 is a Bluetooth receiver and DAC based on dual Sabre ESS9068AS chips paired with five dual OP1612A op-amps. Its price is set at $469.


SMSL C200 is the newest DAC/Amp in SMSL's lineup. It uses an ES9038Q2M DAC chip and can output up to 1.3W into 32Ω. The price is set at $219.