Meze Empyrean II

Meze Audio's all-new Empyrean II is the company's latest planar magnetic offering from the Empyrean/Elite series of headphones. It's a refined and elegant product, with its MSRP clocking in at 2999 USD.

HiFiMAN Audivina

Audivina is the latest closed-back planar-magnetic headphone made by HiFiMan. It’s priced at $1999.

Audeze LCD-5

The LCD-5 is the current flagship of the american company Audeze. It uses a planar-magnetic driver and it's priced at 4500 USD.

HEDDphone Two

The HEDDphone TWO is a successor to a highly popular HEDDphone ONE. It uses a full-range AMT driver and it's priced at $1999.

Sineaptic SE-1

Sineaptic SE-1 is a dual ribbon array driver wireless open-back Bluetooth headphone. What a mouthful. It’s the first wireless ribbon array headphone in the world, so it surely is an interesting piece. This one will set you back 199 USD.

Erzetich Charybdis

The Erzetich Charybdis is a flagship, open-back, planar-magnetic driver headphone by the company Erzetich. It's priced at 3000 Euro.


SoundMAGIC P60BT ANC is a new wireless headphone with a hybrid noise canceling on board and it’s priced at $189.

Dekoni x Hifiman Cobalt

Dekoni x Hifiman Cobalt is the newest collab that showed up not so long ago. It provides us with superb comfort, great sound and a price set at $499.

HiFiMAN Arya Organic

HiFiMan Arya Organic is the latest version of the widely appreciated Arya. It uses all of the best technologies HiFiMAN has to offer, and it actually comes at a reduced price of $1299.

Meze 109 Pro

Meze 109 pro is the latest open-back dynamic driver model by the Romanian manufacturer, Meze. It features their first fully in-house driver design and a lot of wood and metal. Let’s check if it’s worth $799.