Craft Ears Omnium

The Omnium is Craft Ears’ freshest release, treading new paths for the brand both performance-wise and price-wise, sporting a planar and a dynamic driver, as well as 5 balanced armatures. Craft Ears Omnium retails at 2499 EUR.

Craft Ears The One

Craft Ears The One is the latest co-flagship model from the Polish manufacturer. It features a single planar magnetic driver and it’s priced at €999, but in preorder, it’s available at €799.

Final Audio ZE8000

The Final Audio ZE8000 is a flagship TWS IEM by the Japanese manufacturer. It uses a single dynamic driver and it's priced at $349.

Letshuoer DZ4

Three dynamic drivers, a passive radiator, and a few clever solutions. DZ4 is the newest release from Letshuoer that is aimed at the entry-level market. Let us see what they can pull off with a budget of $89 and the years of experience they have accumulated.

Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon

Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon is the newest IEM by the American manufacturer. It uses a single dynamic driver and three balanced armatures. It's their new approach to the high-end market, as the new Solaris comes at $2670.

Craft Ears Aurum

Craft Ears Aurum is the flagship model in the lineup of the Polish company. It’s a tribrid with DD, BA, and EST. The price starts from €1299 and now the IEM is available in a bundle with iFi GO Pod for free.

HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless

TWS is a hot topic, every manufacturer wants to get on the hype train. HiFiMan decided they want it too. So they made an R2R, balanced TWS system called Svanar Wireless and put a $499 price tag on them. Curious about the first TWS with an R2R DAC? Me too. Let’s see what’s up.

Fir Audio Radon 6

Fir Audio Radon 6 is a limited flagship-level IEM by the American manufacturer. It uses a single Kinetic Bass DD driver, 4 balanced armatures and a single electrostatic driver. It's priced at $3299.

Letshuoer EJ07M

Thanks to the immense success of the S12, Letshuoer quickly became a very recognizable brand. But what if we up the budget to $669? That is a different bracket, a very popular one I might add. I think the EJ07M, similarly to the S12, is one of the best offers on the market. How so? This review will clear this up.