Oriveti OD200

Oriveti OD200 is an earphone with a single dynamic driver, interchangeable nozzles and with price set at $199.

Oriveti OH700VB

Oriveti OH700VB is a hybrid IEM with 6 balanced armatures and a single dynamic driver. It’s a high end of the producer's range and its price is $699.

Fir Audio E12

The e12 is one of the latest additions to Fir Audio’s catalog, representing a new line of IEMs - the Electron Series. It’s a single 12mm electro-dynamic driver construction with a few cool tricks up its sleeves, all at a price tag of 1799 USD.

Campfire Audio Fathom

The Campfire Audio Fathom is the newest release from the American IEM legend. It uses 6 balanced-armature drivers and it's priced at $1049.

Oriveti OD100

Oriveti presents the OD100, a $69 single DD IEM. It’s placed in one of the most competitive markets in audio. How does it hold against its direct competition? Is it worth your time?
Letshuoer S15 review, main photo, IEMs are laying next to the cable.

Letshuoer S15

Letshuoer S15, an IEM with 14.6 mm planar driver and one passive driver. It's a successor of a very popular Letshuoer S12, priced at $329.

FiiO FF1

FiiO is one of the few manufacturers, who still care about wired earbuds. But how do their most affordable model stacks against in-ear competition? Is $20 FF1 worth your time?

Campfire Audio Bonneville

Bonneville is at the top of the Chromatic line of Campfire Audio. It’s a hybrid IEM featuring a single dynamic driver and three balanced armatures. It’s priced at $1399 for universal fit and $1799 for the custom fit.

Craft Ears Omnium

The Omnium is Craft Ears’ freshest release, treading new paths for the brand both performance-wise and price-wise, sporting a planar and a dynamic driver, as well as 5 balanced armatures. Craft Ears Omnium retails at 2499 EUR.