Effect Audio Axiom Unboxing

Effect Audio released its Axiom – a hybrid IEM priced at $1499. You can expect a full review in a month, but for now, let’s unbox these little beauties shall we?

Looking at the box we can clearly feel the Apple vibe – it’s small, even for an IEM. However, looking at the fact that there’s no cable included in the packaging, and the set of accessories is rather small, it should come as not a surprise. 

Still, the box is really pretty with an interesting color scheme. The branding looks well-thought and polished. I’m not gonna lie – I really, really like it.

The graphics and branding look mysterious and really like nothing else. 

Inside of the actual outer box is… another box. It’s always good to have additional protection and more space to put those cool graphics on. Regardless, you’re just a lift from unveiling what’s underneath, which is…

Okay, the Axiom IEM is pretty, very pretty. But first, let’s take a look at what’s more in the box. 
You’re getting 3 pairs of pretty standard, generic silicone eartips, a screwdriver for the connector modules, and the modules themselves. 

That’s not all though. From the very first time I opened them up I was sure I can feel a rather unexpected smell, so I started to dig into the packaging, and I have found…tea. I’m not planning on making an actual tea out of it, but the scent is really interesting. If Effect Audio is going to ship it to normal customers, then I actually think it’s a wonderful idea. Pushing the limits when it comes to the presentation of the product, aren’t they? Nice touch!

Now, let’s get into the IEMs themselves. From the first moment I saw them on press materials I felt like it’s a beautiful IEM, but now that I have them in my hands…this feeling is even stronger. 

The whole construction is made of aluminum and titanium alloys. It feels very substantial in the hand, and the level of craftsmanship is high. The actual faceplates are made of Hetian jade and they look absolutely spectacular, just take a look at the photo above.

I could go on and on, but I have to keep some things for the actual full review, so I’ll leave you hanging for now. Nonetheless, the overall unboxing experience and the presentation of the new Effect Audio Axiom has been extraordinary, so be sure to stick around, because you don’t want to miss the full review.