Hidizs MS2

Hidizs MS2 is a hybrid IEM using a single BA Driver as well as a newly developed 10.2mm Dynamic Driver. It’ll cost you $79.Recommended. Highly.

Hidizs MS2 is a hybrid IEM using a single BA Driver as well as a newly developed 10.2mm Dynamic Driver. It’ll cost you $79.


Hidizs is a company that I know specifically from their affordable Digital Audio Players. This is my very first attempt in terms of their IEMs and I’m curious to see what kind of house sound they have. Let’s find out!

Packaging & Build quality

One of the nicest cases I’ve ever had for an IEM.

I have to say this is one of the biggest surprises in terms of this relatively cheap IEM, because what we’re getting in the box is a very high quality set of accessories. First up, 6 pairs of ear tips in 3 sizes. 3 of them are balanced ear tips and the other 3 are what Hidizs calls “crisp eartips”. They do change frequency response a bit focusing more on treble. One of the best things about this whole package in my opinion is that case. True, it is plastic but it’s also one of the nicest finishes I’ve ever seen. It is a square box with slightly round edges, it has some sort of brushed metal finish to it and what’s most important, pretty strong magnet inside, so even if you flip the case upside down and try to shook it, it won’t open.

Next up, the cable which is actually pretty interesting in its design. It is a quad-core mixed braid cable that contains 2 high purity silver wires and 2 high purity OFC wires. It’s rather thin but I’ve never managed to make any tangles on it. Also, other elements of this cable are just so nicely made, especially this tiny metal slider which, as you might remember from my previous reviews, is a necessity for me. From one side we will find standard 3.5mm Mini-Jack and from the other your most standard 0.78mm 2 pin. I can only point out an issue in this part. Earhooks on that 2 pin side of a cable tend to make swirls so that requires a moderate amount of stretching to get a comfortable experience with this cable.

Speaking about build quality, it is kinda love and hate relationship in my regard. Shells are fully plastic. When you pick them up all you think about is something like KZ ZST, except that this pair costs about $15 and there were offers where you could buy them for as low as $8 back in the day. It simply looks very cheap and also feels cheap, but so far after my extensive usage, there was no damage or scratches introduced so that’s a plus. However what I love about them are these faceplates. These are easily one of the best looking faceplates I’ve ever seen on any IEM and I’ve even went through flagships of most respectable IEM brands. Hidizs calls it a Phosphorescent Panel. It is that kind of design that is supposed to give you a 3D effect, that these shapes are located deep into IEM shell. It looks simply stunning and I was so happy while shooting photos.

Pretty unique cable with this mix of Silver and Copper.

Comfort & Isolation

Despite their rather big size and bulky shape, MS2 is actually pretty comfortable and I had no issues while wearing them even for longer periods of time. Isolation is slightly disappointing though. I would describe it as slightly below average which results in leaking more noise from your surroundings. Of course, you can bump up the volume to counter it, but it’s not the best solution.


Look at that faceplate… LOOK. AT. IT.

So what is this house type of sound that Hidizs delivers? Well at first I wanted to say it is a safe choice because I noticed some V-shape characteristics, but the more I listened to it, it turned out to be more W-Shape instead. However, they also give us the ability to make them more… crispy. I’ve mentioned these crisp eartips before which converts them to U-shape also adding more clarity and resolution. They certainly do focus on the treble and honestly, I preferred them over normal balanced tips. Let’s proceed with describing the sound, shall we?

Gotta admit I was a huge, slow, and muddy bass lover back in the past. Empire Ears Vantage was a pair I was dreaming about. These days however with more and more headphones and IEMs I’m testing I have to say my taste has shifted a little bit, because I still love powerful bass but very controlled at the same time. It’ll punch you but won’t disturb any other frequencies. That’s exactly what I’m experiencing with MS2. Good resolution and no distortion whatsoever. That’s the kind of bass I like the most right now.

The midrange was the part that made me doubt my first v-shape assumption and for a good reason. After further inspection and thorough listening, I’m surprised that I have to describe midrange as neutral and detailed. Yes, we’re still talking about $79 IEM. They provide great clarity to both male and female voices and it does always sound clean. I highly recommend crisp tips here because what you’ll get is more clarity and perceived resolution compared to balanced tips.

Definitely, we got a looker here.

Now onto the treble, what I would describe as the star of the show, especially with crisp eartips. Treble is something that differs MS2 highly in this IEM price range. With balanced tips, the treble is detailed but rather smooth in its overall presence. The fun part starts with crisp eartips that makes it, well… more crispy if I’d like to describe it in two words. I have to say that with these tips lower parts of the treble can get into harsh levels in specific songs, so they are not for everyone. Although what you gain from this in my opinion is certainly worth it, not to mention it excels my expectations in this price range specifically. MS2 provides a moderate amount of sparkle with superb level of clarity and detail. It’s very well controlled. Treble extension is so good, it fully utilizes its balanced armature driver in this regard. I just cannot believe I’m still describing an IEM that costs only $79. Also, I cannot believe I’m saying that about an IEM that in its overall experience sounds more fun than analytical and that’s a great aspect to them.

Imaging and soundstage are also very strong points of MS2. As mentioned before isolation is not the greatest but thanks to that these IEMs provide a very airy sound, gives you that feeling of enormous soundstage however it only goes towards sides. The front and back are rather limited. Imaging is very good in most of the tracks but with very complex classical music pieces it starts to fall apart a little bit… in comparison to flagships such as Campfire Audio Solaris LE. Which I would say is amazing because they don’t cost nowhere near $1500 price tag of these. In fact, they cost almost 19x less.


Hidizs MS2 is very easy to drive. My Poco X3 was even able to drive it to its fullest. Also, it’s not that sensitive so you’ll be fine even with a moderately noisy amp. While providing them a significant amount of power out of JDS Labs Atom I’ve noticed almost zero differences.


Their look is simply AMAZING!

Hidizs MS2 is a unique IEM in pretty much every aspect. A unique box as well as the cable, shells with beautiful 3D design, and such a unique audio experience that simply I cannot believe I only have to pay $79 for the whole package. A lot of detail, airy soundstage, beautiful design… can’t really finish that review without these two words, which are:

Recommended. Highly.

You can get your Hidizs MS2 here.

Gear used during this review for the sake of comparison and as an accompanying equipment:

  • Headphones – Oriolus Finschi, Tripowin TC-01, Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 LE, Anthem Five E2, Etymotic ER4XR
  • Sources– SMSL M100 MK II, JDS Labs Atom, Sony ZX300, Poco X3