Lavricables Master

Lavricables – their Master line offers great materials, lots of customization, and promises superb performance. How do they stack to other cables on the market at $279?

Introduction to the review of Lavricables Master

Lavricables has something major in common with Ear Fidelity. It is a passion project established by hobbyists who said: “We can bring something into the community”. I love working with people like us. There is a great vibe in the air from the start. You, my dear reader, are one of us too. I can’t imagine anybody not being passionate about the audio quality going through my reviews. So, we are stuck in this passionate triangle. No homo, homie.

Jokes aside, as Lavricables is a no-BS company. You won’t find any magical tales on their website. Everything is straight to the point. Lavricables Master wants us to get great-quality silver wires to use in audio. It’s their favorite conductor, and they have dedicated their time to providing the best possible configurations. There are many options for you to choose from. Pure silver wires of different types, a selection of connectors, and some extra customization options. Super easy to get a hold of, and very versatile. You can have it your way, trust me.

There are 4 levels of quality. Reference, Ultimate, Master, and Grand. They differ from the wire used. We will focus on the Master line this time. One of the others will be covered by Paweł soon, so stay tuned. The Master line contains earphone, headphone, interconnect, speaker, and power cables. The IEM cable is made of 4 PVC isolated 22AWG 5N litz silver wires. 

My version came with 2 pin recessed connectors, a 4,4mm jack, gold plated, blue jacket, no sleeve, and the optional carbon, and aluminum splitter. What I really appreciate, is the fact that they also offer DIY supplies including conductors and connectors. I’m a DIY guy, and I appreciate the option to buy high-quality parts from a reputable vendor.

Packaging and Build Quality

It comes in really basic. A very well-secured package contains a soft, branded bag protecting the cable itself. Of, the sticker is cool, it comes with the set. I told you it’s no BS company. No budget went to fancy boxes.

The cable is built very well. The construction is flawless, everything is super sturdy, yet lightweight for a relatively thick conductor. For IEMs 22AWG is thiccc. With three “c”. The conductor was described before, but I just want to add that 5N silver litz wire is one of the best options on the market. No corners cut here. No Sir.

As far as comfort is concerned, the Master is a comfortable cable. While being bulkier and a bit stiffer than usual, it still doesn’t pick up any microphonic noise, it’s plenty soft and not too prone to tangling. While I wouldn’t call it ultra-comfortable, it’s definitely not problematic at all. 

Sound of the Lavricables Master

Why would we want to use silver wires at all? The theory says that it’s the best conductor of electricity. In practice, silver wires offer brighter tonality, more resolution, and better sound staging than their copper counterparts. It’s exactly what Lavricables Master does. No surprises there. 

In the beginning, I want to make it clear that this cable sounds like silver should sound like. It is on the brighter side, but doesn’t lose the timbre and meat on the bone. That can be an issue with lesser quality silver cables that are plenty on the market. Similarly to poor quality copper, it can cause unsatisfactory results. A shiny, glassy, hollow sound is the usual description of the changes. 

So we have that out of the way. My Lavricables Master 2 Pin was made with gold-plated connectors, which gives it a little more warmth compared to rhodium-plated connectors. Have that in mind, you can tilt the sound of it a bit more into detail and openness. We all need to find our balance. I went with the safer option, as I’m going through a lot of different IEMs when reviewing. 



Silver is often accused of cutting out bass. I would use that sentence about the reviewed Lavricables Master. In the end, 22AWG wires offer super low impedance, so nothing will hamper the bass on the technical side. On the subjective take, Master tightens the bass and gives it exceptional clarity and resolution. You lose a bit of the oompf, but you gain so much more in sheer quality. 

I usually try to find the best usage of equipment characteristics, but besides people who prefer boomy bass (ain’t no shame in that), most of the rest will gladly take this deal. Take a look at the monster of pop music, Bruno Mars, and his banger That’s what I like. The bass has a very nice punch, and excellent control, and is fun as should be. 

Lavricables master


The midrange is super clean and extremely smooth. Right now I’m listening to Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE. and I love how liquid his voice sounds. Combined with his flawless delivery it really is something to consider. 

It’s hard to go back after hearing this liquid and organic sound. An additional pro is that it really allows the tiniest detail to shine. It gives the extra depth and decay that usually gets lost. There is just a bit more sound in the music. Those of you who pay extra attention to those frequencies should take notes. Lavricables master might be a cable for you if you wish to get the most out of your IEMs. 


Silver and treble are like a cold beer at the BBQ. It just does wonders for the treble. Especially litz wires, like the reviewed Lavricables Master, which are specialized to work with high frequencies (much higher than 20kHz), so audio is like DC for them. They are completely transparent for that range. Once again we get the ultimate smooth, liquid, and organic sound. Trebles are rich, crystal clear, snappy, and super realistic. It’s not done by influencing the tonal balance, but by refining the signal delivered. Or maybe it’s the copper that adds coloration. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

To put it blandly, Lavricable Master has one of the top treble responses I have heard, including some really high-end cables. To give you a quick example, the cymbals in Tear Don’t Fall by every 00s teenager metal entry band Bullet for my Valentine, they don’t fall, they crash around me. Some of you will get it, the rest, well listen to the song goddammit. That’s why I write about them here!


Reviewed cable really brings separation and effortlessness to the sound. With IEMs sometimes the soundstage gets shallow in between the channels, while with Lavricable Master this negative effect seems to be reduced. It won’t transform your earphones, but it allows them to give you better, more realistic sound staging. The imaging and separation are what you’d expect from a great-quality silver cable – accurate, clean, and snappy. Very good results here.


Eletech Prudence

Recently reviewed cable from Singapore is a mix of materials: silver and copper. It really comes down to stereotypes. Pure silver Lavricables Master offers better detail, resolution, textures, and sound staging. The Prudence has a more tactile bass, warmer, more moist midrange, and calmer treble. It really does come down to the preference, and IEMs that you own. Both are excellent cables.  

If you’d like to make your IEM faster, snappier, and more intense sounding, the Lavricables Master should be your choice. However, if you’re into a more intimate, richer, and smoother overall presentation, the Prudence will be better for you. Take note that the Prudence won our “Cable Of The Year 2022” award, so the fact that I’m rating the Lavricables Master as comparable to the Prudence is a rather high praise.



The ultimate combo for transparent midrange, and supernatural midrange. The Lavricables Master really brings out the resolution of this great IEM. This cable is a relatively big part of the IEMs price, but I can see people doing that investment. Many could live with that sound.  

Unique Melody MEXT

 One of the most fun IEMs on the market goes really nicely with this silver cable. It gives a nice kick to the energetic, sparky outgoing tuning of the MEXT. I would be careful with the pairing, more bright sounding electronic won’t pair nicely with them. Something warmer, and darker is very welcomed. Neutral is fine too if a strong V-shaped characteristic is your thing. 

Final Audio B1

A pairing I couldn’t do, since my Master has 2 pin and the B1 has MMCX sockets. It is a pairing that I can give my head for though. They will go fantastic together. Imagine a warm, honey-like midrange from the B1 with the openness and detail of the Lavricables Master. This one would be a blast, definitely.


Lavricables Master review - the main photo.

Lavricables Master delivers exactly what it promises. Superior quality of the conductor, high build quality, and excellent performance. It’s hard to argue with the results. While the price might seem high compared to Aliexpress brands, have no doubts.

The difference in the price is reflected in the quality of the sound. Also if you look at the price of bare components like 5N silver wires, and good connectors, the price that Lavricables puts on their products is more than fair. This cable gives you all the pros of silver wires, with no usual drawbacks. 

It delivers clarity, resolution, control, and smoothness. It really can make a difference and elevate the sound of your favorite IEMs. Add to that rugged build quality and tons of customization options. This really is one of the best silver wires on the market, and I have no doubt saying that.



Big thanks to Lavricables for providing the Master for this review. I wasn’t paid or asked to say anything good or bad about this product, all of the above is just my personal, unbiased opinion.