Letshuoer DZ4

Three dynamic drivers, a passive radiator, and a few clever solutions. DZ4 is the newest release from Letshuoer that is aimed at the entry-level market. Let us see what they can pull off with a budget of $89 and the years of experience they have accumulated.

Introduction to the Letshuoer DZ4 review

When at the Hi-End Munich, the biggest audio show in Europe, we had the pleasure to meet folks from Letshuoer. They were excited to show us a simple prototype in a temporary shell.

That was a pre-production DZ4. Even then it sounded really good, with a balanced sound signature. Now, they have further refined the design and launched the final version. I have to say I’m excited, as the prototype sounded great and they have built a credit of trust with me.

Also, I love seeing innovation, especially at lower price ranges. Letshuoer is one of the leaders in thinking differently. At least for me. How many triple-dynamic driver IEMs can you think of? Aside from CA Trifecta. And a passive radiator? Color me interested. A nice break from either hybrid or multi-BA solutions. 


DZ4 comes in a simple, but aesthetic box. Letters and graphics pressed in the paper are always classy. That would belong to a much more expensive product.

Inside there is a quick start guide and cards with contact info, just like with the EJ07M I reviewed earlier.

The rest are IEMs and a plastic case, similar in style to the one found with EJ07M. It’s a nice touch, but an impractical one. I would much rather see a soft pouch, that I can fit in my pocket. Besides that, no issues: simple yet elegant packaging.

Design, Build, and Comfort

The design of the newest release from Letshuoer is clean and simple. 3D printed shell is smoothly matched with an aluminum faceplate. The orange mesh is a nice accent. The shell has a body color to disappear from sight. Well, if your skin has a similar tone to mine. Still love you if you don’t, but the IEMs will stick out more in that case.

The shell was made in cooperation with HeyGears, one of the leaders in 3D printing technology. They are known for their resin printers dedicated to the dental and prosthetics industries. It is one of the nicest prints I have seen despite the price. The attached cable is very good: non-microphonic, relatively soft, and made out of silver-plated monocrystalline copper. In a $89 IEM. Kudos to Letshuoer.

The fit is pretty much standard with a shallow insertion. There are two types of tips included, both silicone. One is standard tuning, the other is for extended vocals. Three sizes of each are available. Something unique about the DZ4 is how light they are. If you get your fit right, you can wear them for hours. A nice touch.


The shell has a brace that creates two spaces: external with the semi-open chamber and internal with tube waveguides to the nozzle. The brace holds the drivers, passive radiator, and crossover on a Flexible Printed Circuit.

The passive radiator is a better version of the bass reflex. It has better impulse response, while still helping to extend the bass. Drivers are using titanium, 6mm diaphragms. Each of the drivers covers a different range. The crossover on the flexible board is an excellent way to make the assembly easier and faster – allowing Letshuoer to lower the final cost. Brilliant. 

The sensitivity is high at 104dB @ 1mW, with a low impedance of 12 ohms. That shouldn’t be a problem for most dongles nowadays. Mind the noise of your source device though, high sensitivity won’t forgive.

How does the Letshuoer DZ4 sound?


DZ4 is a midrange-focused IEM. Its tuning pushes the vocals forward, towards the listener. The soundstage is close and intimate thanks to that. The bass has a great extension, and the passive radiator works brilliantly here. Trebles are stereotypical for a dynamic driver in comparison to BAs: softer, rolled off at the top. The midrange, while extended is not overwhelming, resulting in a generally universal tuning.

The DZ4 sounds great with every source I have, especially the iFi Audio GO Link due to its universal characteristic. Due to the semi-open build, there is a small amount of leakage from the outside, but due to the internal brace, it’s nothing major. I have used the DZ4 outside and the noise was acceptable. It is notable, that DZ4 shines for gamers. Its tuning helps with awareness, while comfortable fit and lightweight body help to use them for longer periods.


It is great. Extended, with heft and speed. Works great with all types of music, any genre you might want. Because it is slightly behind midrange it doesn’t have a strong kick, it’s more supporting than defining. I like the fact, that despite that it goes very low. Listen to Ring Ring by Jax Jones, a contemporary pop tune. The pulsing, fun bass is there. A nice thump will get you moving. Personally, I would love better textures, as it can be a little flat. But, I’m a basshead and we all know it already. If you’re not, you’ll be more than happy. It is more than enough considering the price.


Midrange hits way above its weight class. It reminds me of the lushness of the Final B1 but with more air. Big, bold, rich. Three words I would use. Want more words? Sure, I got you. Play Star Wars – Main Theme by John Williams. The orchestra will push you into the chair. This is what the DZ4 lives for. Good separation, nice dynamics, full sound of a dynamic driver., Lots of meat on the bones. To get that for this price. I’m impressed. As mentioned before, gaming is also great. All of the noises indicating an enemy are so easy to spot it felt like cheating. I always give a song reference, so… I played Red Dead Redemption 2 and Modern Warfare 2 2022. 


Rolls off pretty fast and has a softness to it. It is a good thing if you prefer a more laid-back presentation. I think this is the weakest point of the DZ4. Listening to The Raconteurs – Somedays (I don’t feel like trying) left me hungry for a bit more. A touch more would do the justice, balancing the midrange better. On the other hand, I understand that a compromise had to be made somewhere. It is definitely the least present range.


The sound staging is close and intimate. It can rock your world with movie soundtracks, or vocal-focused music. The depth and width are solid, my guess is that the semi-open construction is at play here. There is a nice amount of precision, something I really appreciate. Helps in gaming so much. The sources are very easy to pinpoint. 



There is a reason why the S12 is one of the most beloved IEMs in its price range. Fit is very similar, S12 is a tad smaller. The tuning of the S12 is more balanced and natural.

While the midrange of the older brother is not as expressive, it is also more refined. The rest of the ranges are a win for S12 too. Especially, the better treble is a nail in the coffin. The price difference is reflected in the sound, no question about it.


One of my favorite entry-level IEMs, the Titan S is a very strong competition. Especially since their tuning is so similar.

The Titan S has more kick in the bass, but the DZ4 goes lower. Titan S has a more colorful midrange but is not as expressive as DZ4. Treble is a win for the Titan S. Unless, you prefer less treble, the qualities are on the Titan’s side. More extension, bolder, more engaging.

The sound staging is a close one. Titan S seems bigger in volume, while DZ4 is more precise. Both are absolutely fantastic choices, down to your preference, really.


The DZ4 works great with everything, as long as the noise level is low. JDS Labs’ desktop setup sounds amazing to them. Same with the iFi GO Link.

You don’t need to overthink it. As per sound signature, I recommend something either balanced or bass heavy. I tried them with some laptops, but the noise level was too high for comfort, but I can imagine that even a simple USB-C dongle will do right

Letshuoer DZ4 Review – Summary

DZ4 is an amazing IEM at $89. Its strongest point is its excellent rich midrange and solid sound staging. Whether it’s listening to music or gaming it is a great companion. Extremely universal in terms of music genres and equipment the DZ4 makes listening to music a breeze.

I find it cool how much dope tech they managed to fit in there. Great product, from a reputable manufacturer. What can I say more? Definitely worth considering for your next purchase.


Big thanks to Letshuoer for providing the DZ4 for this review. I wasn’t paid or asked to say anything good or bad about this product, all of the above is just my personal, unbiased opinion.