Letshuoer EJ07M

Thanks to the immense success of the S12, Letshuoer quickly became a very recognizable brand. But what if we up the budget to $669? That is a different bracket, a very popular one I might add. I think the EJ07M, similarly to the S12, is one of the best offers on the market. How so? This review will clear this up.

Introduction to Letshuoer EJ07M review

As mentioned in the review of the S12, Letshuoer is one of my favorite manufacturers. They love making crazy designs come true. That keeps the market going and keeps me entertained. What is great, is that those cool designs are available at a very low price, so everybody can experience unusual drivers and their arrangements.

But with an increase in price, people will demand more refined products. Craziness is great, but it has to lead somewhere. This is a budget a lot of folks dedicated to their best IEM in the collection. It is also the most crowded with lots of amazing IEMs like Craft Ears Four, Final Audio B1, or Campfire Audio Mammoth. The pressure is on!

Letshuoer has its own horse in this race. The reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M, a UIEM version of the popular and praised EJ07 CIEM. The change to a mass-produced shell allows dropping the price, making it more affordable to end users. It’s a tribrid design with EST, BA, and DD arrangements, that is marketed on their website for onstage performers. It’s interesting because I always thought that Letshuoer aims at audiophiles more. Apparently, it is popular with musicians in their domestic market.

Packaging and first impressions

Box and set of Letshuoer EJ07M

The box is definitely big for IEMs. While the S12 had some simple packaging, here, with reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M, you can feel it’s a different price bracket. There is a white, stiff sleeve that has all of the usual pictures and basic info. The box itself is black with a very smooth, luxurious finish. Some sort of soft-touch foil. It also has the company’s motto: Impulse the emotion. We all have to agree, that it might need a revision… After opening the box I didn’t even know where to start.

The top cover had a short story of how the motto came to be. In the main chamber, there is a manual. Or EJ07M Album, as they have named it. It is a short album indeed. It covers the story of the brand, a story of the EJ07/M model, and most importantly, has all of the contact info. What I really like is the customer service number available on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

Also, there is a dedicated Discord. Very nice, anybody can contact them directly. I really like this idea. Plus, having direct contact for a customer all over the world shows that they are very serious about customer service. That really makes me even more confident in them.

Trust me, solid customer service is not a standard even in 2023. I’ve recently lost 7 years of progress and a ton of money because Gaijin Entertainment has really bad customer service.  Guys, customer service is really not appreciated as much as it should be.

Okay, back to the subject at hand. There is a full metal, machined case for the earphones. It looks and feels amazing but due to its size, you will use it in-house only. The rest is pretty standard: three sets of tips, stock cable, and the IEMs. One note on the cable, it’s really good. Soft, has a wire strap, and sounds good. It’s not as nice as some 3rd party ones but for a stock one, great. You can live with it, especially since you can order it with a 3,5mm or 4,4mm plug. 

Build Quality, Comfort and Tech

Letshuoer EJ07M with luxury&precision V2 and the box.

The earphones come in two versions: silver with colorful, vibrant faceplates, or black with carbon chunks and gold accents. Here you can see the silver variant. The finish is super pleasant for the skin. The split between the faceplate and the body is basically invisible. This is some expert craftsmanship.

There is a small vent on the backside, but it doesn’t compromise the isolation of around 26 dB. The comfort of using the reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M is very high for a UIEM. Small, lightweight they don’t put a strain on your ear canals. The short nozzle requires tip matching, but thanks to a wide selection of stock ones you shouldn’t have any issues. The input to the earphones is 2-pin, typical, for brands from China.

The Letshuoer EJ07M is a tribrid design. 10mm DD with nanocarbon diaphragm handles the bass. Midrange is owned by two Sonion 2389 BA’s and the top-end is handled by four Sonion EST65QB02 electrostatic drivers. A set of drivers often found in much more expensive products I might add. The stock cable is solid. Made out of OCC copper, sounds really good and doesn’t tangle excessively. Most people won’t have any incentive to change it and I can say I understand that completely.

What does the Letshuoer EJ07M sound like?

Letshuoer EJ07M and Luxury & Precision W2

I have seen people writing in a review that the reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M is an underdog. Well, I think you couldn’t be further from the truth. After the success of the EJ07 and the insane blow-up of the S12, nobody should have any doubt that Letshuoer is in the big-boy league. The Letshuoer EJ07M hits way outside its price range. Its tuning is very universal, with an emphasis put on the midrange.

It features a very open, exciting, forward sound. It excels at midrange, with some drawbacks in treble which you can read about later. Besides the midrange, reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M shines in terms of resolution and textures. Please note that the treble was burning in for a LONG time. Straight out of the box, it is harsh, but give it time, it will get tamed after some time of use. Overall, it puts the fun and compatibility with any genre and recording in the first place.


When looking at the tuning, the bass is slightly recessed from the midrange. When listening to music we can hear tight lows with a nice amount of information. The high and mid parts of the bass are what do the work here. The subbass is rolled off and doesn’t show up too much. It can limit the satisfaction if you want to listen to some hip-hop/EDM etc. When it comes to AC/DC – Hard Times and other rock songs you won’t feel like you are missing too much. There is not too much information in subbass in live music, even in rock or metal. While it is not bones-breaking air movement it works very well. Punchy, fast, great timing – Letshuoer EJ07M delivers what I’m expecting from an IEM in this segment. This tuning has its upsides too. It makes it much easier to enjoy different types of music, which is a theme in this review. For example, the new hit from Miley Cyrus – Flowers is an okay song but is way too bass heavy, which was annoying with other IEMs from comparisons. So you know, pros and cons. 

Letshuoer EJ07M and their case.


Like a cold beer after a day of work. I’m not joking, they have a lot in common actually. The Letshuoer EJ07M has a clean presentation, slightly on the lighter side as the bass roll-off catches a bit of midrange. It keeps the mids crisp, open, and exciting. The overall quality of this range is outstanding. Excellent dynamics, resolution, detail, very nice, natural decay. Whether it’s Tracy Chapman or Boney M. the performance is stellar. In The Fast Car by Tracy, you can admire the scale of her voice. One of the most unique voices in the industry is handled with proper care by the subject of this review. Whether loud or quiet the sound is clean and smooth. Together with the open and unlimited character of the EJ07M, this is one of the best midranges at this level.


Treble is the least impressive part of reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M. First of all, it is not perfectly consistent with the rest of the ranges. There is a separation between midrange and treble. It’s not huge, but it is noticeable. The top end is rolled off, polite in nature. It plays to the overall universal and easy-going tuning of this product. Listening to Bill Frisell’s – Messin’ with a Kid – you can feel some of the highs can feel grainy, while other parts are just shy. It’s not a deal breaker, at least not for me. No hard feelings if it is for you. 

While listening to Gin and Juice by the one and only Snoop Dogg I can confirm that Letshuoer EJ07M played it very safe. Even this crude recording is smooth and doesn’t bother me with the harsh top end. Have you noticed that Snoop is the only person who doesn’t stop being gangsta when dropping a line: “Party’s still jumpin’ ‘cause my momma ain’t home”. When I say to a girl: “come over, my momma is out”, I always hear: “you are almost 30, get a place of your own loser”. Unfair.


The open sound of the Letshuoer EJ07M is supported by a solid soundstage. Deeper than wider, it is concentrated around your head. It plays great with the exciting, expansive tuning, adding to the experience. The soundstage is close to the listener and has great precision. It loses some precision with sounds further out. Time, by Alan Parsons Project, is sounding close, right at the ear. While it might be counterintuitive to say open sound and closed soundstage, it is what it is. There is a lot going on in the sound staging department, but the center is close to the listener. It still is a very solid performance for this price, don’t get me wrong.



The Final B1 and Letshuoer EJ07M are both similar and opposites at the same time. They put the pleasure of listening to music over everything else. B1 is warm, and thick, surrounding you like a leather chair.

The Letshuoer EJ07M is the opposite: expressive, fast, and snappy. The Japanese counterpart has a heavier sound, with less resolution. Instead offers a more musical, consistent sound with better treble. The B1 has a smaller, more limited soundstage in both depth and width. Reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M gives you more information, better-defined textures, and more exciting sound.


The Mammoth is one of the most popular bass head IEMs in this price range. Great build quality, insane subbass, and high sensitivity are a great package after all. While I like to listen to it from time to time, reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M is a much more universal choice here.

What Campfire’s offering shows in muscle, the Letshuoer’s counters with wits. The bass and midrange of the Mammoth are way thicker, and darker. The subbass of the American IEM can break bones, I’m sure of that. On the other hand, Chinese Letshuoer EJ07M offers way more in terms of information, textures, and sound staging and works with more genres. 


The S12 is one of the most definitive IEMs in its price range and even higher. Still, it had to completely give up in this fight. The closest the competition was in resolution.

The Planar driver works magic but had to succumb to the tribrid design. The S12 has a better oomph in the bass region, giving a more satisfying slam due to its tuning. When switching between them the S12 seems to have a harsher, smaller sound, with better macro dynamics. With all respect to the S12, overall, it was not even close. Clear upgrade.


Chord Mojo 2

I know you’ll crucify me for this, but here it goes. Mojo 2 is not a good device. It sounds really good and pairs with the Letshuoer EJ07M perfectly. Wow, the sound was AMAZING. The synergy was there big time. Warm, thick, detailed, dynamic, rich with textures. If you don’t mind using a totally unergonomic device, which doesn’t feature contemporary connections… Oh, Chord also won’t give you a USB pigtail to connect to your phone. I’m so happy that I have exchanged mine with a friend (shout-out Jay). The only warm memory I have with Mojo 2 was how it worked with the EJ07M. 

Luxury&Precision W2

L&P W2 might be the best dongle on the market. It sounds incredibly well with a natural, dynamic, big, colorful sound. If there is a comparable device, let me know! With Letshuoer EJ07M it sounds amazing. Great synergy of two excellent devices. While not as good as with Mojo 2, I would pick this combo any day of the week. Much more practical, easy to use and still – great sounding. Overall reviewed Letshuoer EJ07M will work with most devices on the market, preferably neutral/warm in nature. 

Letshuoer EJ07M Review – Summary

Letshuoer EJ07M review - main photo

Letshuoer is steadily climbing the ranks to become one of my favorite brands. Another review, another grand slam of a product.

Their Letshuoer EJ07M, which is a hero of this review, is a comfortable, universal IEM with an amazing sound. For those loving the clean and snappy sound, this might be the end of your search. Focused on the midrange, it delivers excellent dynamics, textures and just gives you fun. Lots of fun.

You could see, I had some issues with the treble, but still, it was the most popular IEM in my use for quite some time. Finding problems is my job after all, right? I have no doubt it is one of the coolest products in this price range and it is well worth your consideration. Easy to drive, easy to listen to, with a price point acceptable for most. Letshuoer with their EJ07M doesn’t disappoint.


Big thanks to Letshuoer for providing the EJ07M for this review. I wasn’t paid or asked to say anything good or bad about this product, all of the above is just my personal, unbiased opinion.