New releases from SMSL on Apos Audio!

News from SMSL at Apos!

We’d like to announce some of the new releases from our good friends at Apos Audio.

SMSL VMV A1 Now Available on Apos Audio

This is a machine of fearsome power, inside and out.

The VMV A1 is the all-new class-A amplifier from SMSL. Boasting massive power, nominal distortion, and a minimalistic feature set, it’s a stellar amplifier for powering everything from headphones to bookshelf speakers.

Here are some of its standout features: 

  • Output power: 15W x2 (4Ω)/ 10W x2 (8Ω)/ 2W x2 (32Ω)
  • Class-A amplifier
  • CNC aluminum shell
  • Chassis temperature display
  • Stabilized power supply
  • GPA2311 volume control chip

Head on over to the SMSL VMV A1 product page for more details, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

SMSL DA9 Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Now Available on Apos Audio

Two years after the release of the SMSL DA8 comes the DA9, a Bluetooth amplifier that outstrips its predecessor up and down the specs sheet. From output power to SNR, everything counts has been souped up. 

SMSL assembled a crack team of circuitry for the DA9. With its Japanese NJW1194 volume control chip and German Infineon class-D power amplifier chip, the DA9 delivers a massive 150Wx2 of power with a whisperingly low 111dB signal-to-noise ratio. 

Product highlights

  • 150W x2 (2Ω)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NJRC NJW1194 volume control chip
  • Balanced input
  • CNC precision processing
  • SMSL SDB patented sound
  • Color LCD display
  • Remote control
  • Subwoofer preamp out
  • 8 EQ modes


  • Inputs: XLR, RCA, Bluetooth
  • THD+N: 0.003%
  • SNR: 111dB
  • Channel separation: 96dB
  • Input sensitivity/input impedance: 250mV/47kΩ
  • Output power: 150Wx2 (2Ω), 90Wx2 (4Ω), 50Wx2 (8Ω)
  • Power consumption: 40W (normal volume)
  • Standby power: 0.5W
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 6 x 1.5” (187.5 x 154 x 40mm)
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.96kg)

As with all purchases, when you buy from us you get the Apos Promise for Free Priority Shipping, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, a 45-Day Return Policy, and our 30-Day Lowest Price Match.