Meze Alba

Alba is a fresh release from Meze Audio. It’s a single Dynamic Driver IEM and its pre-order price is $159.

FiiO M23

The FiiO M23 is a new DAP that is meant to be a successor to the popular M11 Pro ESS. It uses a new, flagship AKM chip and it's priced at $699.


When it comes to portable audio, we can say FiiO is playing on it their home field. They are one of the companies that started affordable, high quality audio for IEMs and headphones. Is BTR7 a worthy choice at $199, or did FiiO became complacent?

HiFiMAN Prelude

Hifiman Prelude is one of Hifiman’s latest ventures into high-power headphone amplification. This class A beast clocks in at 2499 USD, and as of today, is the only non-electrostatic standalone amplifier in Hifiman’s lineup.

Meze Empyrean II

Meze Audio's all-new Empyrean II is the company's latest planar magnetic offering from the Empyrean/Elite series of headphones. It's a refined and elegant product, with its MSRP clocking in at 2999 USD.

Oriveti OD200

Oriveti OD200 is an earphone with a single dynamic driver, interchangeable nozzles and with price set at $199.

Oriveti OH700VB

Oriveti OH700VB is a hybrid IEM with 6 balanced armatures and a single dynamic driver. It’s a high end of the producer's range and its price is $699.