Oriveti OD200

Oriveti OD200 is an earphone with a single dynamic driver, interchangeable nozzles and with price set at $199.

Introduction to the Oriveti OD200 review

Oriveti, a company with a nine-year journey in the audio industry, has traversed a path marked by innovation and dedication. From its inception, Oriveti embarked on a mission to deliver exceptional earphones crafted with a wealth of expertise. The reviewed Oriveti OD200 stands as a testament to their commitment, especially within the fiercely competitive $200 price bracket for in-ear monitors (IEMs). 

Amidst a plethora of options available in this segment, the OD200 distinguishes itself as a compelling choice worthy of consideration. While Oriveti may not boast the flashiest marketing campaigns, this very aspect allows them to channel their resources into perfecting their products. This dedication ensures that their offerings speak for themselves, resonating with discerning audio enthusiasts seeking both quality and value.

Packaging of tested Oriveti OD200

Embracing the dichotomy of consumer preferences, I find myself torn between two contrasting desires. On one side of the spectrum lies my appreciation for the allure of premium packaging, coupled with the anticipation of uncovering superior contents within. However, juxtaposed against this penchant for lavish presentation is a pragmatic inclination towards cost-effectiveness. I am no stranger to the allure of a sleek, meticulously designed box, yet I also recognize the allure of a more modest presentation if it means a reduction in price. In essence, I grapple with the age-old debate of whether the packaging enhances the product experience or if it is merely an extraneous embellishment that adds to the overall cost. 

However, the packaging of the reviewed Oriveti OD200 embodies a captivating blend of sophistication and practicality, appealing to both the aesthetically inclined and the value-conscious consumer. Upon first glance, the outer box may not exude extravagance, but as layers are peeled away, a delightful surprise awaits. Unveiling the inner package reveals a meticulously crafted enclosure reminiscent of paper with a nice wood finish, elevating the unboxing experience to one. The tactile sensation of the box, with its premium wood-like texture, imparts a sense of exclusivity, hinting at a higher price point than its actual $200 tag. 

Divided into two compartments, the top section cradles the tested Oriveti OD200 alongside an additional pair of filters, while a discreet drawer unveils supplementary accessories. Notably, nestled within the drawer lies a deluxe case crafted from genuine leather, exuding opulence and providing superior protection for the prized earphones. Complementing the lavish case, a comprehensive array of ear tips awaits discovery, including two variants of silicone tips in three and two sizes respectively, alongside a set of premium foam tips available in three sizes. This meticulously curated assortment ensures a tailored fit for diverse preferences, catering to the nuanced needs of discerning audiophiles.

Build Quality and ComfortOriveti OD200 cable review

Reviewed Oriveti OD200 emerges as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, boasting CNC-milled metal shells that exude both solidity and elegance. These meticulously crafted shells, adorned with ergonomic contours, seamlessly conform to the curves of the ear, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Despite their robust construction, the reviewed Oriveti OD200 remains remarkably compact, effortlessly accommodating wear under headwear without any discomfort. While some may harbor reservations regarding metal shells due to concerns over temperature sensitivity, it’s undeniable that the durability afforded by metal, particularly in the case of the tested Oriveti OD200, outweighs any potential drawbacks. Even in the absence of constant protection within their case, these earphones exhibit remarkable resilience, emerging unscathed from the rigors of everyday use, devoid of any unsightly blemishes or scratches.

The inclusion of a 2-pin cable connector further enhances the user experience, striking a perfect balance between security and ease of detachment. The cable itself, adorned with detachable jack connectors, is well-made. Although precise details regarding the cable’s composition remain undisclosed, its handmade construction and eight-wire design suggest a commitment to quality. While conjecture may lead one to surmise the use of silver-plated copper, the cable’s soft, flexible and very comfortable.

However, amidst the accolades, a minor issue arises with the filters in my case. Regrettably, they occasionally exhibit a propensity to loosen and unscrew themselves during movement. Yet, this inconvenience is swiftly addressed by Oriveti’s exemplary customer service, assuring consumers that’s not a standard. Even if it would happen, it will be replaced. Such proactive measures underscore the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction, instilling confidence in the overall ownership experience. Ultimately, while the filters may present a minor hiccup, Oriveti’s swift response serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and unwavering support for their discerning clientele.

Techinside of the reviewed oriveti od200

While the technical specifications may not be the focal point of the reviewed Oriveti OD200 experience, a cursory examination reveals notable features that contribute to its exceptional performance. Foremost among these is the implementation of a single dynamic driver configuration, utilizing a sizable 9.8 mm driver coated with beryllium. This choice of materials underscores Oriveti’s commitment to precision engineering and superior sound reproduction. Although additional technical details may be sparse, this streamlined approach aligns with the preferences of users who prioritize sound quality over intricate specifications.

Moreover, the inclusion of interchangeable filters introduces a dynamic element to the OD200’s sonic profile. While details regarding their precise composition and function may be scarce, their impact on sound signature is unmistakable. By allowing users to tailor the audio output to suit their preferences, these filters serve as a testament to Oriveti’s dedication to providing a customizable listening experience. Further exploration into their influence on sound quality will be delved into in subsequent discussions, underscoring their significance within the broader context of the reviewed Oriveti OD200’s performance.

How does the reviewed Oriveti OD200 sound?

As we delve into the crux of the tested Oriveti OD200 experience, it becomes evident that its sonic prowess leaves a lasting impression. From the outset, it’s important to acknowledge the sheer enjoyment derived from the OD200’s straightforward yet captivating and open sound signature. This is a pair of earphones that exudes a sense of musicality, characterized by a delightful balance that effortlessly draws listeners into the heart of the music.

One of the most striking attributes of the reviewed Oriveti OD200 is its ability to convey a sense of spaciousness within the audio landscape. While the bass remains present and articulate, it is the nuanced elevation in the upper midrange and treble frequencies that truly sets the stage for an expansive listening experience. This subtle emphasis serves to impart a newfound clarity and airiness to the music, allowing each instrument and vocal to occupy its own distinct space within the sonic canvas. 

Whether delving into the depths of Polish music or revisiting familiar favorites such as Eminem’s “Space Bound” or Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For,” the OD200 effortlessly imbues these tracks with a great sense of space. Even compositions that initially lack spaciousness are transformed by the Oriveti OD200, revealing hidden layers and intricacies that elevate the listening experience to new heights.

The bass performance of the reviewed Oriveti OD200 exhibits a fascinating dynamism that is intricately intertwined with the characteristics of the source device. When paired with a less audiophile-centric source such as a laptop, the bass takes on a nuanced demeanor, offering a softer, more delicate rendition. Despite its gentler presentation, the bass retains a commendable level of texture and depth, effortlessly delving into the sub-bass regions with a subtle yet palpable presence. This slower, more languid bass response adds a layer of richness to the listening experience, imbuing each note with a sense of warmth and intricacy.

However, when unleashed with a more capable sound source, the Oriveti OD200’s bass performance undergoes a remarkable transformation, becoming imbued with newfound energy and dynamism. The bass takes on a livelier demeanor, oscillating between moments of bounciness and sheer impact, depending on the demands of the music. Whether it’s the resonant growls of a bass guitar or the rapid-fire punchiness of electronic beats, the tested Oriveti OD200 rises to the occasion with remarkable agility and precision.

In tracks like Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” the reviewed Oriveti OD200 demonstrates its versatility by seamlessly integrating the bass into the sonic tapestry without overpowering the other elements. While the bass may occasionally take center stage, it does so with finesse, coexisting harmoniously with the rest of the frequency spectrum to deliver a cohesive and engaging listening experience. In essence, the Oriveti OD200’s bass performance exemplifies the art of balance, adapting effortlessly to the nuances of the music and the capabilities of the source device to deliver a truly immersive auditory journey.

Central to the OD200’s midrange allure is its ability to convey vocals with a captivating sense of realism and authenticity. Positioned front and center, vocals take on a natural timbre that resonates with a purity reminiscent of analog playback. Eschewing any artificial embellishments, the midrange reproduction remains faithful to the source material, evoking the warmth and intimacy of a live performance. This authenticity is particularly evident in tracks featuring female vocals, such as Sevdaliza’s “Shabrang,” where every inflection and subtle nuance is rendered with exquisite clarity and finesse.

Moreover, the OD200’s midrange prowess extends beyond mere technical proficiency to evoke a profound emotional response in the listener. Far from being sterile or clinical, the midrange imbues the music with a palpable sense of emotion and intimacy, drawing the listener into its embrace with an irresistible allure. In an era where neutrality is often prized above all else, Oriveti’s decision to prioritize emotional engagement over technical precision is a refreshing departure from the norm.

In essence, the Oriveti OD200’s midrange performance stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to musicality and emotional resonance. By eschewing the pursuit of technical perfection in favor of authenticity and intimacy, Oriveti has succeeded in creating a truly captivating listening experience that transcends mere sound reproduction. With the OD200, Oriveti has not only crafted a superb pair of earphones but has also redefined the very essence of what it means to truly connect with music on a deeply emotional level.

The perception of the treble performance in the Oriveti OD200 can vary significantly depending on individual preferences and listening habits. While some listeners may find the treble to be somewhat subdued or lacking in sparkle, it’s important to consider that this subjective evaluation is heavily influenced by personal taste and sonic expectations. Those who favor a brighter, more pronounced treble may initially find the presentation of the OD200 to be understated.

However, it’s worth noting that the perceived “hidden” nature of the treble can be viewed through a different lens. Rather than being a flaw, this characteristic can be interpreted as a deliberate design choice aimed at achieving a more natural and cohesive sound signature. In the context of a well-tuned audio setup, the subdued treble of the OD200 can evoke the sensation of listening to music in a room with excellent acoustics, where high frequencies are rendered with a smooth and unobtrusive presence.

Furthermore, Oriveti provides a solution for listeners seeking a more pronounced treble response through the inclusion of black filters. These filters offer a means of adjusting the treble emphasis to better align with individual preferences, albeit with potential trade-offs in other frequency ranges. It’s important to recognize that this adjustment is not without its consequences, as altering the treble balance may impact the overall tonal balance of the earphones, affecting the prominence of vocals and bass.

In my experience, utilizing foam tips during testing and reviewing the OD200 yielded a smooth and coherent treble presentation, devoid of any harshness or sibilance. Ultimately, while the treble performance of the Oriveti OD200 may not cater to every listener’s preferences, its nuanced and controlled presentation contributes to a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience for those who appreciate a more laid-back and balanced sonic profile.

Reviewed Oriveti OD200’s soundstage is a standout feature that immediately caught my attention. It possesses an open and spacious quality, albeit with a hint of blurriness, yet maintains precise placement of each sound within the space, adding depth to the listening experience. While the width may not be its strongest suit, mainly delivering sound from the front and sides rather than behind, it still manages to immerse the listener in the music. However, this narrower soundstage may not be optimal for gaming. Despite this limitation, the Oriveti OD200 remains a compelling choice, especially considering its affordable price point, offering an engaging and immersive sonic journey.

The inclusion of interchangeable filters in the Oriveti OD200 adds a layer of versatility to the listening experience, allowing users to tailor the sound signature to their preferences. Personally, I find myself gravitating towards the silver filters, which imbue the sound with a more natural and balanced tonality. In contrast, the black filters offer a brighter and more neutral presentation, albeit at the expense of some midrange richness. However, this slight drawback can be mitigated to some extent with the use of aftermarket eartips, providing a workaround for those who prefer a brighter sound profile without sacrificing too much of the midrange warmth.

What’s commendable is that Oriveti includes both filter options in the package, empowering users to experiment and fine-tune the sound signature according to their preferences within seconds.


When comparing the Oriveti OD200 to the Letshuoer S15, distinct sonic characteristics emerge, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Oriveti OD200 impresses with its faster and more universally appealing soundstage, characterized by a precise presentation that avoids any sense of bloated bass. Moreover, the OD200 offers a more natural rendition of the midrange and treble frequencies, imbuing the music with a sense of authenticity and realism.

On the other hand, the Letshuoer S15 excels in detail reproduction, capturing subtle nuances with greater finesse and clarity. Additionally, the S15 boasts a wider soundstage, creating a more expansive sonic landscape that enhances immersion and spatial awareness.

Ultimately, the choice between the Oriveti OD200 and the Letshuoer S15 boils down to individual preferences and priorities, as always. Those seeking a faster, more cohesive soundstage with natural tonality may lean towards the OD200, while audiophiles who like heavy bass, prioritize detail retrieval and expansive soundstage may find the S15 more appealing. Both earphones offer unique sonic signatures, catering to different tastes and preferences within the audiophile community.

Oriveti OD200 Review – Summary

As a discerning audiophile with evolving and cranky taste, I must admit my unwavering admiration for the Oriveti OD200. This earphone continues to captivate with its balanced sound signature. The OD200 strikes a harmonious equilibrium, delivering a lightweight, airy sound profile while maintaining a robust bass foundation that anchors the music together with the natural midrange and treble.

Its ability to reproduce natural timbres with authenticity sets it apart, capturing the essence of each note with remarkable fidelity. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, from its solid CNC-milled metal shells to its luxurious accessories, the OD200 epitomizes quality and refinement. In summary, the Oriveti OD200 stands as a testament to Oriveti’s commitment to audio excellence, making it a compelling choice for any audiophile seeking a superior listening experience.

Highly Recommended. 

Big thanks to Oriveti for providing the OD200 for this review. I wasn’t paid or asked to say anything good or bad about this product, all of the above is just my personal, unbiased opinion.