Shozy Form1.1

Shozy Form1.1 is a mid-end model with one dynamic and one balanced armature driver. It is priced at 75USD. I did order it randomly, and I definitely do not regret it.

Shozy Form1.1

Shozy Form1.1 is a mid-end model with one dynamic and one balanced armature driver. It is priced at 75USD. I did order it randomly, and I definitely do not regret it.

Sound quality

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

Build quality

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.


Rating: 9.5 out of 10.


In the package, you will find a huge case with Shozy sign on top of it. It can easily fit two pairs of earphones with three cables and for example FiiO BTR5. Quality is great, slightly better than Bqeyz Case. A pity there is no soft case, it could have been more useful. 

There are also three types of tips, each in S/M/L sizes, normal, bi-flanged, and foam tips.


The cable is braided using a synthetic material that is not pleasant to the touch in my opinion. Plastic standoffs are resilient, they will fit different ears easily. The sound quality of the cable is good though. Splitter and jack connector are made of metal and carbon, but 0.78mm connectors are made only of metal. The whole cable gets tangled easily, but it’s simple to untie. 

Build quality

Shozy Form1.1 is composed of acrylic, 3D printed shells which are pretty small. The material is really pleasant to the touch, it does not irritate the ears, even after long hours of listening.  The outer part is covered in glitter which shimmers in different colors, but only in really strong lightning. They are polished to a high gloss, resulting in being pretty easy to scratch.


For me, these are the most comfortable earphones I have ever used. They are very small, slips perfectly to the ear. They never fell out and never let me feel uncomfortable. Each earphone is very light (3.9g), so there are no problems with cables without standoffs. 
Honestly, these are the first IEM’s where I can lie on my side. 


In overall, Shozy Form1.1 sounds natural with boosted bass. The sound signature is’nt really smooth, which result in a great texture throughout the whole frequency response.

Bass is powerful and fast. Especially mid and higher bass, sub-bass is a bit withdrawn, but it is still perceptible. It is slightly insulated, but still natural. Overally, it’s pretty punchy, but it is also balanced (there is no harshness or muddiness).
The kickbass has a tendency to slam pretty hard, the head starts bobbing instantly. 

The midrange was not made for smoothness fans, Shozy again shows they made a wonderful job on details and texture. Higher male vocals, like Shawn Mendes, are a little distant. Sometimes I am missing some more anchor points, like a bigger punch when it shows up.

The treble has a lot of detail again, but there are no sibilances at all. When I changed the cable for Yinyoo silver-plated cable top end became shinier, it was pleasantly blinky. On the stock cable, it does not come at the front, it is just correct, maybe a little too harsh sometimes. There is also an annoying peak at 8KHz which can disturb when listening to EDM. 

The soundstage has medium width with very good positioning and separation (especially on a better cable). All sources of the sound are placed close to each other, but the overall imaging is spot on. Height does not exist, it is going only in narrow space around the listener.


Shozy did an excellent job creating the Form1.1. 

They’re made for people who are looking for high detailed earphones with natural sound and high quality bass. They deliver very good sound quality, are well made with good materials and have great accessories, except the cable. Think about investing in an aftermarket cable, especially if you can use a balanced output.
For me it is the best choice in this price range, if you have listened to Queen of Audio Vesper and it was not detailed enough, that might be the IEM for you
. Recommended

Gear used during this review for the sake of comparison and as an accompanying equipment:

  • IEM – FiiO FH1s, QoA Vesper, QoA Idun, FiiO F9 Pro,
  • Sources– Astell&Kern SR25, Fiio M11, iBasso DX160, Topping DX3 Pro, iFi Zen DAC, FiiO BTR5