FiiO M23

The FiiO M23 is a new DAP that is meant to be a successor to the popular M11 Pro ESS. It uses a new, flagship AKM chip and it's priced at $699.


When it comes to portable audio, we can say FiiO is playing on it their home field. They are one of the companies that started affordable, high quality audio for IEMs and headphones. Is BTR7 a worthy choice at $199, or did FiiO became complacent?

FiiO FF1

FiiO is one of the few manufacturers, who still care about wired earbuds. But how do their most affordable model stacks against in-ear competition? Is $20 FF1 worth your time?

Fiio M15S

The M15S by FiiO promises to be the middle-ground DAP for portable and stationary use. Is extra power and some cool features enough to secure it a place on the market? Let’s see how much we can extract from the newest DAP in FiiO's portfolio coming at $999.

Fiio M11 Plus ESS

Fiio M11 Plus ESS is the newest DAP released by Fiio. It's a redesigned and improved M11 Plus LTD, built around ESS Sabre ESS9068AS chips and it's priced at $799.

Fiio FD3

Fiio FD3 is a new semi-open, single 12mm dynamic driver IEM with a recommended price of $99.

FiiO BTA30

FiiO BTA30 is a DAC with a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, based on an AK4490 chip. It is priced at 89,99USD.

Fiio FD1

Fiio FD1 is a budget IEM using a beryllium-plated 10mm dynamic driver. It is priced at 59.99$.

FiiO FH3

FiiO FH3 is the newest product from FH series by FiiO, it uses 1DD and 2BA per channel. It is priced at 149USD.

Fiio FA9

FA9 is an all balanced armature driver flagship from Fiio. It's priced at 499 USD, and it promises to deliver top tier sound quality with 4 different sound signatures.