Topping audio is known for it's ridiculously low priced devices, and here's one of them : DX3 Pro, multifunctional DAC/AMP coming at 219,99$.

Topping audio is known for it’s ridiculously low priced devices, and here’s one of them : DX3 Pro, multifunctional DAC/AMP coming at 219,99$.

Sound quality

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Build quality

Rating: 8 out of 10.


Rating: 9 out of 10.


Topping’s packages have never been impressive, and so it’s not different this time. Standard, white box doesn’t necessarily scream “luxury”, but it get’s the job done, and the whole focus has been put into something else…


In that white box, you’ll get a remote control, which may come handy, especially if you plan to use the DX3 Pro in your stereo setup with no remote to control the volume. Also included is a mediocore, cheap power supply, usb cable and an antenna for bluetooth.

Build quality

Lets put it as simple as it gets – DX3 Pro is built very, very well…and that’s pretty much it. It’s robust, quite heavy for the size and the whole thing is metal. Nothing super fancy, no luxurious materials used. But hey, what can we expect for 219,99$? It’s very solid and doesn’t feel cheap at all, and that’s most important.


Well…here things get quite interesting. DX3 Pro can work as a standalone DAC, preamp or a headphone DAC/AMP through optical, coaxial and usb input.
You can stream music to it using Bluetooth 5.0 (LDAC, AAC, APTX-HD – you name it).
Built in screen is a joy to use and to navigate all options this small device has, whether you want to change volume, input, output etc.
Oh yeah, it also does DSD512 and has a lot of juice at 700mW @ 32ohm per channel.
219,99$ gives you all of this, incredible.


First things first – DX3 Pro can run quite a lot of different headphones on the market with ease, but dont get too excited – it won’t drive everything. Very demanding headphones, especially planar magnetic one’s surely need something even more powerful, like the A90.

In terms of overall sound signature, DX3 Pro is very neutral, almost transparent with great dynamics and detail retrieval.

The bass is well controled on both the Hifiman Sundara and Sennheiser HD650, with good layering and great texture, which you can especially hear in the strings of a bass guitar.

Midrange is crisp and tend’s to focus more on upper frequencies, with lower-mid being somehow undersaturated for some. Also, the focus into the upper midrange result’s in a very detailed, crisp sounding vocals.

Treble just continues what has been started by the midrange. Airy, crispy, neutral and pretty direct. A lot of late devices by other companies tend to focus mainly on clarity and detail retreival, and the Topping DX3 Pro isn’t any different.

The soundstage is pretty wide and deep, with good layering and imaging. While not ground-breaking or breathtaking in any ways, it’s pretty good for the price, just nothing worth going crazy about.


Topping DX3 Pro is yet another bargain by Topping. While being very well built, it delivers everything you’d dream about in this price range regarding functionality and the sound quality. You can get a similliar or even better performance with a separate dac and amp like Schiit Modi/Magni Heresy or an Atom stack by JDS Labs, but if you want to get one device that can do almost everything you could wish for and sound’s really good and neutral, then DX3 Pro is a crazy good deal. Recommended.